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About Optrang
About Us

a strong desire to engage individuals who have brands

We provide solutions for your digital issues and establish a plan that moves you closer to progress.

Top-tier creative digital firm Optrang is committed to enhancing digital experiences by offering small and large-scale enterprises creative and inventive solutions. Our constant goal is to help you reach and involve a greater number of your target audience, build brand awareness online, and ultimately increase sales.

We go above and above at Optrang. We are a full-service international marketing firm that combines communications and content. Our ability to translate our client's needs into workable solutions sets us beyond the competition. We are forward-thinking, skilled, and experienced. Although we create premium brands, web portals, and mobile applications, we are incredibly different now from what others are tomorrow.

What Sets Us Apart from the Competition?

  • We prioritize quality and offer the best services at fair prices. Our staff consists of highly qualified individuals.
  • We pledge to make you happy.
  • We offer a one-year guarantee on our work.
  • We provide loyal clients discounts.
  • We provide you with recommendations and a free consultation.
  • We offer discounts to returning customers
  • You can pay according to our payment plan as we deliver.
Our Services

Why Choose Us

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Our Objective

As Your Business Partner, Optrang

We give our clients excellent outcomes since we are aware that this is what keeps them using our services again and again. You and your requirements are our priority at Optrang because of this.

We Fulfill Our Promises

We assure our clients that we can fulfill our commitments by making reasonable promises.

We are realistic

We approach business problems realistically, which helps us determine what is appropriate for the job.

We are Experts

We are knowledgeable. Being idea leaders, we value teamwork and sharing a lot.

Our Process

Certainly! The process for web development and app development can vary based on the specific needs and requirements of a project, but here's a generalized step-by-step procedure we use is as follows:

Requirement Analysis
  • Gather and analyze client requirements.
  • Identify the goals and objectives of the project.
  • Define the scope of work, features, and functionalities.
  • Create a project plan outlining tasks, timelines, and resources.
  • Determine the technology stack for development.
  • Define milestones and deliverables.
  • Create wireframes and prototypes for user interface/experience (UI/UX).
  • Develop a visual design that aligns with the client's brand.
  • Get client feedback and make necessary revisions.
  • Write code based on the approved design.
  • Implement features and functionalities.
  • Follow best coding practices and standards.
  • Regularly test and debug during the development phase.
  • Perform unit testing to ensure individual components work as intended.
  • Carry out system testing to validate the entire system.
  • Perform user acceptance testing (UAT) with client involvement.
  • Prepare for deployment by configuring servers and databases.
  • Deploy the application to the production environment.
  • Monitor for any issues during the initial launch.
Maintenance and Support
  • Provide ongoing support and maintenance.
  • Address any post-launch issues promptly.
  • Implement updates, patches, and security fixes, and feature enhancements as needed.
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Explore our extensive collection of well-designed and creatively made websites. We take great joy in meeting deadlines and providing complete client satisfaction. Look through our portfolio to see the quality of our web development services.


Begin your journey with a top IT Solution company with 1+ years of experience in development.

Optrang specializes in cutting-edge web development solutions.

Optrang is proficient in a wide range of technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and more.

Yes, Optrang has extensive experience in developing e-commerce solutions for diverse business needs.

Absolutely! Optrang excels in crafting tailor-made web applications to meet unique client requirements.

Yes, Optrang provides ongoing website maintenance and support to ensure optimal performance.

While our primary focus is web development, Optrang also offers expertise in mobile app development for a comprehensive digital presence.

Yes, Optrang provides SEO services to enhance online visibility and improve search engine rankings.

Optrang stands out for its commitment to innovation, client satisfaction, and delivering top-notch web solutions.

Optrang follows a systematic project management approach, ensuring timely delivery without compromising quality.

Yes, Optrang welcomes collaborations and partnerships to foster mutual growth and success in the digital landscape.

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